Mr Tricks & Gia Rodriguez are the founders of The Heavy Legacy Foundation the non profit is a division of Heavy Graphics Marketing & Heavy Management Worldwide.

Heavy legacy Foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to providing a variety of educational and artistic outreach services to underprivileged children and young adults in low income communities.

Programs and services include Social Media, Design and Marketing Programs, Community Outreach Programs, Events and Self Empowerment.

Group classes on branding, marketing, and Free Enterprise and Entrepreneur programs. We also assist with job placement. Services are all directed toward young adults and those who are in low income situations.

Through the utilization of support groups and our teach by example belief system, our instructors provide
individualized instruction in a number of areas to meet the needs of the students. We provide a foundation to help uplift them from their current conditions.

In addition, through positive mindset into their day to day educational programming which has been found through research to greatly enhance the educational experience and also produce productive and well balanced adults for a better economic and all around growth and better future. We are home of the Dream to Design program, The Thanks Give Back & The Heavy Legacy Toy Drive.

Mr Ivan (Tricks) Rodriguez

President/ Founder

Celebrity Designer Gia

Vice President / Founder

Sandra Pahor

Creative Arts Director
Director de Arte Criativa

Lily and Eliezaire Bassette

North Regional directors

Myra Winter

Senior lead Board Director

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